General FAQs

What is Curiociti App?

CURIOCITI is a CITIZEN APP that enables citizens to get hyperlocal real-time information of crowd density in the area. The data is crowd-sourced from users who report crowd density by taking photos and uploading them. The reports coming from Curiociti users will be displayed in the crowd density map. With real-time information, communities will avoid crowded areas and plan their activities for the day.

How does this App work?

Users of the App will just take a photo of their street or location and upload them. ThingsPH’s AI will process the photo to get the no. of persons detected in the photo. Once done processing, the app will display the no. of persons in the photo and will ask for the confirmation of the user. Once the photo has been confirmed for uploading, the photo and count will be uploaded in the Crowd Density Map.

How does this help communities?

Curiociti is one of the innovative ways you can contribute to your community by reporting real-time crowd density in your area. The community can now keep track of what’s happening in the neighborhood thereby allowing them to schedule their activities outside and avoid crowded places.

What happens to the photo after it’s been processed for people counting?

The photo will be available on the crowd density map. Any photos that were taken in that area will be shown, along with its people count data. Data on the map will be updated every hour. Similarly, the photo will be automatically deleted after one hour.

Who can see my photos?

All uploaded photos will be viewed by the users of Curiociti, for review and checking. The photos will be displayed for one hour from the time that it was uploaded.

How many photos can you upload?

Each user account is allowed to upload photos for up to 100 photos per hour. This credit will be replenished every hour. You can monitor your usage in the app Settings.

What does the (-) and (+) symbol mean?

After taking a photo, the system will identify the image content on how many people are detected. However, there will be instances that the AI detection process will fail due to some factors (e.g. the environment where the photo was taken, the camera resolution etc.), hence, the user can manually adjust the count detected by the AI. To manually reduce the count, use the (-) symbol and use the (+) means to add count.

Is my data available to the public?

Yes, Curiociti app has the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for users to agree prior to using the app. The following contents shall be made available to the public:

  • Uploaded images will be made publicly available and can be viewed by other users. However, these photos will only stay for an hour.
  • The location where the photo was taken.

It is optional to share your usage statistics to your social media accounts. No personal identifiable information will be made public such as your home address and email.

What are the allowed photos to be uploaded?

The sole purpose of the application is to provide relevant street information for people density that will be made publicly available. Any pornographic material is strictly prohibited as it violates the terms of use of the app. Also, other users may flag or disapprove photos with this kind of content.

Does the application automatically detect my location?

Yes. The Curiociti app is showing people count from the uploaded photos of other users in a specific area or location.

Can I upload photos from my gallery?

No, the app does not allow users to get images from your gallery folder to be uploaded. The Curiociti app provides real-time information of the people count in the area as such all photos to be uploaded should be recent and current.

Can I upload videos?

No. Only taking a photo is allowed for people detection and counting. The app doesn’t process videos taken.

Why do I receive photos for review?

The Curiociti app encourages users to check and verify the photos shared by other users to validate the content if it follows the rules set in the App’s Terms of Use. It is necessary to follow ethical standards in sharing public content to the internet via this app.

Can I reject a photo uploaded?

Yes. If you see that a photo violates the App’s Terms of Use or if this shows gender-sensitive and derogatory content, you can reject the photo by clicking the Reject Butto

What are circles on the map for?

The crowd density map has color-coded visuals that display the number of people in each location via a circle. The green color means 1 - 3 persons are counted, Orange color means 4 - 10 people are counted. While red color signifies that 11 persons and up are detected.

Can the system count other objects?

Curiociti uses an advanced AI system that doesn’t only count people but is also capable of detecting other objects such as (car, chair, monitor, laptop, etc.). However, for the purpose of this project, the developer just limits it for detecting and counting people.

I am having trouble uploading my photos, what do I do?

For help and more details, you may contact ThingsPH by email at [email protected].